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Popular Songs Performed by Lewis Cedar.

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01 All I have to do is Dream. Felice & Boudleaux Bryant

02 Wish I had a Troubadour. Tom Paxton

03 Smile. Chalie Chaplin, John Turner, Geoffrey Parsons.

04 So Long Marrianne. Leonard Cohen

05 Lay Lady Lay. Bob Dylan.

06 Mona Leeze. Nigel Cameron

07 About the Children. Tom Paxton

08 The Boxer. Paul Simon.

09 Duncan. Paul Simon

10 The Last Thing on My Mind. Tom Paxton

11 Rio Michael Nesmith

12 Here's to the Rocky Road. Steve Gillette, Dennis Dougherty and David Kleiner

13 Light a Light. Janis Iain.

14 Country Roads. Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert and John Denver

15 Peace Will Come. Tom Paxton.

16 Imagine. John Lennon.

17 Gypsy Girl. Marrianne Segal.

18 True Companion. Jonathan Byrd.

19 The Darkside of the Moon. Cindy Mangsen.

20 The Though Stayed Free. Tom Paxton.

21 While You Sleep. Anne Hills.

22 Streets of London. Ralph McTell.

23 Only You 1974. Buck Ram, Andre Rand. Arranger Kenny Woodman

24 Only You 2006. Buck Ram, Andre Rand. Arranger Kenny Woodman

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